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About Paul Ogren

I started out being a railfan, taking pictures of trains.  Getting too many flat tires on my bicycle, going through all kinds of places on the way to the railroad track.  As I learned to drive and got a car, some of the first excursions were to the far out hinterlands to see different railroads and places.  The railroads were not dependable as far as running trains on time, as most trains are freight trains.  So while waiting and killing time, I began to notice nature.  Our family always had camped, so a transition to nature and landscape photography came very naturally to me. And I also always loved old Architecture, and some of my photography is about that.

When I met  Amelia Chao, ( my wife and companion) we were both on the same wavelength with nature photography, although we're attracted to somewhat different things.  Early on we found the competitive nature of photography contests to be a drag on real creativity.   We did Art Shows with our photographs for about 15 years,and were always excited to do new shows. 

I have been photographing now for 55 years, starting with my dad's gift of a 1937 Voightlander Brilliant, through Pentax Spotmatics, Minolta SRT's,  Nikons (many Nikons), Pentax 6x7 and 645, 4x5's to today's Nikon D800.  Hard to believe!  Several hundred thousand miles of travel, and many more to go.


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